How many people do you talk to on a daily basis? Do you text them throughout the day? Maybe a phone call once a week or every other week? Or are you a Snapchat addict and send random clips to everyone and that’s it? Do you spend hours on Facebook commenting on your friends pictures, posts, and sending messages?

We live in a time where we have an abundance of platforms to connect with friends and family. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram. There are tons of social media apps. It has changed the way we communicate and our expectations too.

What happened to AIM?!? Yahoo messanger!!! Remember when we had to press 7 four times if we wanted “S”?? Or when we would use our landline to call our best friend and have them meet us at the park to play? Does anyone remember riding or walking by your friend’s house to see if they were home? Those were the days.

There are so many avenues to talk to your friends and family it’s exhausting. I can’t keep up with any of these things anymore. Hell, I don’t even post much on Facebook. I share videos of cats and puppies and random things. I don’t use Twitter. I barely use my Instagram. And I use tumblr for more cat videos!

I only text one person on a daily basis and that’s my wifey. I text a few people throughout the week and send random memes to my best friend. I think I call my girlfriend every other week (when either of us remembers) and text her sporadically. These are simple check-ins. Quick little conversations about work, relationships, and maybe to make plans to meet up. Easy and effortless.

I’m an introvert. I find being social and having to talk to so many people tiresome and irritating. Small talk and tedious exchanges are fucking ridiculous. I have no problem talking to the few friends I have and hanging out, but not every day or all the time.

I received a random Snapchat message (like come on? Are you fucking kidding me, bro?) from someone asking why I never respond to their Snaps. I resisted the urge to become SUPER petty, and instead became irritated and ranted a good while. I had to legit explain my communication style and that I am not the type of person to talk to someone all day every day. I had a very looooooong conversation with this person and in the end they unfriended me on Facebook (yeah, that’ll show me!).

How is it that people can become so angry that you didn’t send them a Snapchat back or respond to their text immediately after you received it? Or that you don’t talk to them on a daily basis because you are friends?

I am open about the way I am. I don’t talk to many people. I like it that way. I can go days without texting a single person or talking with them on any platform. Hell, I can go days without talking to people face-to-face! I often times need to space to recharge my social batteries.

Don’t become frustrated or angry that I’m not talking to you. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be your friend or forgot about you. It’s how I am. I won’t apologize for it either. If you want to unfriend me or stop following me because it doesn’t match how you are, that’s your business. I don’t give a fuck.


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