a color for every occasion

​You’ll never forget that night

The drop of sherbet on her chin

Her laugh as you wiped it off

Your heart pounding from the way she smiled
She wrapped her arms around your neck

Kissed you sweetly and smiled so wide

yellow roses on the counter

A whole year
She was breath taking

Delicate purple fabric made her ivory skin glow

How you longed to touch her

Your heart skipped and your palms sweaty

That little black box weighed heavily in your pocket
Close your eyes and take a deep breath

This was it

As the music starts you turn your head

Walking down the isle was the most beautiful woman

And she was all yours
You are late…again

You apologize and hand her the pink tulips

Her favorite

Your hope crashes as she sighs and kisses your cheek

Her once dazzling smile is dull and not so wide

What changed in the last 5 years?
Another night another excuse

Were you crazy?

She would never betray you…right?

Your mind began to wander

Images flashed in your head

Hot jealousy coursed through your body

You waited in the dark

This had been going on for years

Her words faded away

All that was left was rage

Blind rage

The world converged to red
Your hands were shaking

Time stopped

The sound of your blood roared in your ears

You close your eyes

All you see are those blue lips


It was over

Every shred of jealousy and rage

Washed away

Her cold body lay on the bed

Your world turned black

That barrel looked so welcome